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Why Buy with Dusty?
Buyer’s Advisory
The Flagstaff Marketplace is very diverse and really doesn’t follow national trends. The best way to be sure you can afford a home is to talk to a lender you feel comfortable with that will help you determine the mortgage amount you will be comfortable with.

Flagstaff has a high second home population so it’s important to have a trusted Real Estate Advisor to create and set up a FREE Customized Portal made with YOUR SPECIFICATIONS that you can view 24/7 so you won’t miss any great purchase opportunities.

Phoenix is a bustling and busy city and once we identify your home particulars, our team will work together to find the BEST option for your lifestyle as well as striving to help you spend less time in rush hour traffic! Dusty will work hard to find that perfect home but be warned – Homes sell fast in Arizona!

The back of Dusty’s business card has the following message:
“The home you saw today and want to think about tonight will sell to those who saw it yesterday and thought about it last night!”