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Combatting Wire Fraud: Insights from My Training on Deed & Wire Fraud

Wire Fraud has emerged as a burgeoning threat in the digital age, with staggering losses of over 10 billion dollars reported currently. In an era where technology facilitates seamless financial transactions, cybercriminals have really capitalized on vulnerabilities to orchestrate sophisticated scams. The BAD guys are really getting GOOD at being BAD! I wanted to share my recent training at an office meeting which was focused on understanding and combating wire fraud. I was amazed at the examples they showed on the big screen and it was really difficult to see the “fraud” in the fraudulent documents they shared with us as they really were pretty darn good!

Working closely with numerous clients in various financial capacities, I am grateful to way that I have never personally encountered a wire fraud incident. However, witnessing the alarming rise in wire fraud cases and the devastating impact they have on individuals and businesses, I am committed to keeping it that way. By sharing what I have learned and equipping you with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect you from these deceptive schemes. Prevention is always important and I am determined to keep my clients safeguarded in an increasingly interconnected world.

There are now FREE services to citizens who are concerned with potential deception when a document is registered in a specific individual’s name and/or business name. You MUST SUBSCRIBE for this service and I recommend you call the Recorder’s Office for more information. Here’s some direct information to better assist you:

Yavapai County Recorder

Coconino County Recorder

Maricopa County Recorder

This is a REAL threat to property owners and in light of the escalating threat of deed fraud, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of taking proactive steps to safeguard your property, whether it’s a primary residence, a second home, or even vacant land. By implementing security measures such as monitoring property records, establishing strong relationships with your favorite title company, and staying vigilant for any suspicious activity, you can significantly reduce your likelihood of falling victim to this. The photo I have included in this blog post is from the recent class attended. Always learning something new!

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