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Making a HOUSE a HOME

This month’s Active Rain Contest is to celebrate June’s National Home Ownership Month.

The first thing I thought of is the word “home” and what it means to me.    There are so many variations of scenarios that immediately stroll through your mind when you think of that LITTLE 4-LETTER WORD.   One I immediately thought of is when you can envision Dad walking in the door after a long day at work and the kiddos running up and yelling out “Daddy’s Home!” which is a great one to see in your mind.   For me, I never had that experience as I wasn’t raised with a Father.    So, I remember all the home cooking from my hard-working Mom and celebrating life with my siblings without a Dad in the picture.

“Home” is where you first learn to walk and talk.   It is where you spend hours working on homework, cooking, cleaning, cuddling, and spending time with friends.    It’s a place where you should feel safe and be able to grab just a few moments of “alone” time just for you.

When you are older, you are still learning and growing and spending time with family and friends at home and what about the best kind of vacation?    A refreshing and relaxing “staycation” when you just stay home and forget about work for awhile.

I LOVE being able to help 1st time home buyers and it’s great when we can cry together when I hand them the keys to their new home!    And, when I leave, I know in my heart that they will be making many happy memories in their new home.

Even my luxury home buyers and sellers express all the wonderful memories and blessings they have celebrated in their homes and how they look forward to new adventures in their business, especially when they are relocating.

HOME is a wonderful place to be and has so many rewarding benefits – way too many to mention in this blog.   May your memories of home be as happy as mine.  Although I wasn’t raised with a mother and father and may not have had the traditional childhood experience – it still was home to me.